Advisory Board

After the Tri-Council ( three parish leadership) the Advisory Board is the leadership organization for St. Andrew Parish. It has the responsibility of developing programs to meet the needs of the parish and representing the members of the parish in their concerns. The Advisory Board is required by diocesan regulation for all parishes so that parishioners are represented in the major parish decisions.

The Advisory Board concerns are developed by a visioning and discernment that involves prayer and study. It is not involved in the staff responsibilities for running of programs and services but provides guidelines for these programs and an evaluation of their effectiveness for fulfillment of the parish mission.

The Current membership: Patricia Miller, Carol Hoffman, Wayne  Johnson,  Julie Maloney,  Dan Nawrocki, Megan McCormick, William Haggerty and Ann Adams.

If you are interested on being on the Advisory board, call the Rectory at 454-2486 and let us know.