After the Tri-Council ( three parish leadership) the Advisory Board is the leadership organization for St. Andrew Parish. It has the responsibility of developing programs to meet the needs of the parish and representing the members of the parish in their concerns. The Advisory Board is required by diocesan regulation for all parishes so that parishioners are represented in the major parish decisions.

The Advisory Board concerns are developed by a visioning and discernment that involves prayer and study. It is not involved in the staff responsibilities for running of programs and services but provides guidelines for these programs and an evaluation of their effectiveness for fulfillment of the parish mission.

The Current membership:ex officio;  Father Mark O'Hern, Msgr. Dan Arnold, Deacon DeCecco, and Janet DeCecco;  Members:  Patricia Miller, Carol Hoffman, Wayne  Johnson,  Julie Maloney (Pres.),  Dan Nawrocki, Megan McCormick, William Haggerty,  Ann Adams, Kate Fatter, Sara Lichtenwalter



Every parish is required by diocesan law to have a finance council. This group is responsible for reviewing the financial situation of the parish, overseeing investments and advising the pastor on financial matters. Parish budgets must be given signed approval by all members of the finance council before they are sent to the diocesan finance.  ex officio Members, Father Mark O'Hern, Msgr. Dan Arnold, TMrs. Theresa Fromknecht (finance)  Members; Robert Kuhn, Todd Liszka, and John Bongiovanni, Marcus  Kalivoda,&  Ellen Pfadt.


Join with a partner to count and deposit weekend collection. Sunday mornings 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


The K of C Council # 14437. It reached full membership status in January with election of temporary officers. The Grand Knight pro-tem is Mr. Wayne Johnson (455-4619). Meetings are scheduled the third Monday of each month in the Knights Room in the Parish Center.


Join with other adults to lead congregation in song. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings at 7pm. For more information contact Christine at 864-5084.


Organization which provides social program for women of the parish and supports special needs that develop in the parish. Meet monthly during fall, winter, spring season. Contact, Evelyn Wesman ( 814-920-2307). 



– Seed to Sow Youth Ministry is a joined collaboration between St. Jude and St. Andrew Parish.  Our middle school youth group meets every Sunday from 3-5pm in the OLCS Library.  Our high school youth group meets every Wednesday from 7-9pm in the OLCS Library.  Seed to Sow Youth Ministry does retreats throughout Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania for other schools, religious education programs and youth groups.  Along with retreats we participate in service projects, concerts and other spiritual guided events.  We believe in putting ones faith into action and evangelizing for the Kingdom of God.  Questions or comments may be directed to our youth minister, Jesse Spanogle, [email protected] .

 Chat rooms can be a treacherous place and parents need to talk to their children about the potential dangers.  Children "meet' new friends virtually but in the virtual world you never really know who you are talking to.  Sometimes these 'friends' are adults trying to gain the friendship and trust of children and youth.  Continual monitoring of children's participation in chat rooms is required to keep children safe!  To see what the Diocese of Erie is doing to help create safe environments, check out