Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Faith Formation  / Religious Education are programs for Saint Andrew Parish children, Sacred Heart, and Saint Paul who have Sacramental needs and  who attend the public school. To down load a Registration Form click here

There is Special training provided in order to teach elementary/secondary students at weekly sessions during school year with holiday breaks.

Religious Education Coordinator is Mrs. Carol Hoffman (455-5853).

Registration Sunday is August 26th in the gathering area of Church.  Forms also are available by contacting Carol at Saint Andrew Church.


High school Catechist needed for grades 9/10.   Teens have many challenges in their life. Sharing the gift of faith will help them face these challenges and deepen their faith, knowing that Christ is with them. Please consider this special ministry---contact Carol at 455-5853 for more information.                                                                                   

 The Diocese of Erie, along with all dioceses of the United States, has policies and procedures in place to address the national problem of child abuse and to aid in creating safe environments.  The diocese is committed to on-going screening and training of paid or volunteer persons who have regulal contact with our children and youth under the age of 18.  It is also committed to the yearly inservicing and training of our children, youth and parents regarding touching-safety and safe envirnoments.  To see what the Diocese of Erie is doing to help create safe environments, check out